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February 10 2013


Bsa 376

bsa376 - AWHG, Atlanta Women’s Health Group is the largest Obstetrics and Gynecology practice in the Southeast, delivering more than 9,000 babies each year.   Currently the IT division is attempting to implement a kiosk program or self -service technology for its patients. The anticipated success of the project will improve the efficiency of the organization, which is in the final stages with a go live date of July 16, 2012.   Installation of the individual kiosks is complete, but due to several issues affecting the quality of data, there is currently a stall in the project. 
Project Planning Phase
bsa 376 - AWHG kiosk project has been in the planning phase for two years now. “The scope of the project is offer superior customer care by offering modern technology and efficient office operations. Implementing the kiosks will eventually eliminate the need for staff to enter and or scan patient information provided at check in.  

bcom475 - The customer experience will show improvement due to patients’ having the ability of handling their own sensitive information, such as health and payment information. Due to such an increase in identity theft, many patients prefer self- service opportunities as a method of protecting their information. .
bcom 475 - The kiosks will also reduce waiting time for the patients and the ability to access and print requested forms with ease.   As a result of addressing the previous factors, office efficiency will not only be addressed, but improved upon. “Adopting self- service check in processes allows a hospital to simplify the workflow for billing and administrative staff and boost financial performance.” (Kao, 2011, p. 98).

Bsa 376
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